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Autonomous Vehicles: When Will They Truly Arrive?

We’ve been hearing buzz about autonomous cars for almost a century now, with the dreams of a self-driving car for everyday use showing up in fictional accounts of the future in the 1930’s. As we saw the promises of other once far-fetched inventions come to fruition, we’ve continued to wait for the reality of an autonomous vehicle. Each year it seems that we are given more exciting updates about the encroaching arrival of truly autonomous vehicles on our streets, but so far test vehicles have yet to give way to a functioning consumer product. 

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How to Improve Your Truck Driver’s Retention and Job Satisfaction

Companies that run an active fleet may have some of the highest turnover rates among any industry. You can joke and say that truck drivers are inherently nomadic and this may well factor into the issue, the real core of the problem is that there are very few companies that can successfully create a rewarding environment of maintenance, policies, company culture, and pay rate to make these valuable professional drivers feel at home. Fleets across the country have been striving to find better ways to improve driver retention. However, better than any big new facilities or impressive looking policies is actually listening to your drivers, meeting their expectations, and providing what they really want and need from a fleet employer. To help you get ahead on driver retention improvements, here are a few insights into what will really make a difference to your drivers.

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Driverless Trucks – Fact or Fiction?

iStock_000082872367_Small.jpgGoogle has been testing its driverless car technology since 2009, but a recent report suggests self-driving cars have hit a bump in the road.

Google tests many of the cars in California, and the state requires the company to submit reports on the results of its experiments. According to the Motley Fool, the most recent results showed 341 disengagements. That’s Google’s term for a moment when the test drivers felt the need to take back control of the car, either because of a failure of technology, or because the driver felt unsafe allowing the car to drive on its own. Continue reading Driverless Trucks – Fact or Fiction?

Searching For Qualified Truck Drivers? Hire a Veteran

iStock_000021248795_Small.jpg“As bad now as it’s ever been.”

That’s Jim Runk, president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck, describing the nation’s driver shortage to York Daily Record newspaper in November.

That shortage is expected to grow to 73,500 next year, and the American Trucking Association is recommending a number of ways to recruit more drivers: