Diesel Fuel Prices Fall Some More

Diesel fuel prices fell on a national level 5.9 cents per gallon this week. It might have been a holiday week but as wholesale prices continue to fall retail locations have slowly started to give back some of the large fueling margins they have had recently. With the fuel futures markets not looking very exciting, diesel fuel will continue to fall.

Most truck stop retail locations are enjoying much better than normal fueling margins. As truck stop locations give back fleet fuel margins we should see diesel fuel in the mid $3.70’s as long as nothing crazy happens.

Of course we all know that when it comes to trucker’s fleet fuel, something is always going to happen crazy with crude oil. Did anyone realize that it is hurricane season already? With just the ability of Mother Nature able to raise her head at any time, puts stress on the oil prices anyway. Once they start naming the hurricanes and they start headed to anywhere near the South, all bets on fleet fueling prices are off.

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