Fuel Management, Magic, Moron or Experience

I know many of you read these fueling blogs about fuel management and I hope you find them pretty educational. Yes, I admit they can be a little self-promoting. Let’s face it, our dedicated staff of fueling experts deserve a little recognition. They are all working 50-60 hours a week focused on maximizing fuel savings for our clients. Sure we like a little press now and then — we may even toot our own horn. More press leads to growth for our fuel management business and ultimately more money. I am not going to lie. Our staff doesn’t work for free. But believe it or not, we only make money if we create and orchestrate fuel management systems that save money for our clients.

You should know that there are other companies out there that might claim to do something similar to what we do. I have consulted for almost all of them at one time or another. They DON’T do what we do. Our fuel experts know more about fuel cards, fleet cards and related systems better than the people that work at the fuel card and fleet card companies. We even walk the fuel card companies’ staff through the procedures of how to set up a fuel card.

We know what we’re doing, and we do it with excellent client contact. We call people back or send e-mails, TIMELY! See if you get that when dealing with a fueling company that wants to be the Amazon of fuel. They sell bulk fuel, diesel fuel additives, gas station business and subcontract mobile fueling companies to service their clients’ business. That old saying “a salesperson sells me and I never hear back from him again” might not go with everyone, but try getting an answer from them.

Mobile fueling companies that have card locks too. They say they provide fuel management; do they? Or do they provide diesel fuel to your clients? What fuel management solutions are you providing to the client? Fuel, what are the diesel fuel prices you are providing? Reports? Are they consolidated on all of their diesel fuel purchases or just what they buy from you?

Listen, maybe this column is easy for me to write about fuel card, fleet card, mobile fueling, fleet fueling companies that want to say they provide fuel management solutions for their customers because I am at a beach on vacation with my wife. Like my staff, I have a passion for perfection! No, I didn’t say we “are” perfect, but we do try hard to be. Even if we do take a vacation.

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Ask yourself this… Does your fuel management department or fueling company care, understand or really try hard for you? Do they really know what they are talking about? I will be back in the office on Monday. If your not sure, give me a call 267-482-6160, drop me an email gsokolis@sokolisgroup.com.

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