Fuel Costs To Increase as Taxes Will Raise

A Federal Commission created by Congress to find ways to help build and repair highways and bridges is recommending a 50% increase in gas & diesel fuel taxes. Is this the right thing to do as the economy is in a recession? Can we really afford this as a country? Yes and Yes. I know for some of you that sounds crazy. Let me explain why….

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Oils Well That Ends Well

As Fuel flows out of the year into a new year, what a crazy year it has been. Fuel costs shooting through the roof then dropping like a brick. (See Graph below of the last 2 years). What will fuel costs bring next year, is anyones guess. The educated side of us, says that it will remain flat throughout the year just as the economy probably will. Not even hurricanes Gustav and Ike in the Gulf of Mexico in September or the Middle East conflict between Israel and Hamas has been able to stop crude’s slide. A sign that the economy has a very strong hold on oil prices.

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Fuel Costs Falling

Prices had jumped as much as 12 percent on Monday after Israel launched its fiercest air offensive in the Hamas-ruled Gaza strip in decades. Hamas sent missiles deep into Israel on Monday, three days into Israel’s punishing air offensive in Gaza. Four Israelis, including a soldier, were killed and eight wounded. Palestinian health officials put the three-day death toll in Gaza at 364; the U.N. said the total included at least 62 civilians.
Early Tuesday, Israeli aircraft dropped at least 16 bombs on five Hamas government buildings in a Gaza City complex, destroying them, witnesses said. Israel’s defense minister Ehud Barak promised a “war to the bitter end against Hamas” and allied militants.

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