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Hazardous Materials Hauler Avoids Overpaying for Fuel

A common carrier specializing in hauling hazardous materials, buying over 1 millions gallons of fuel annually, contacted Sokolis Group to help them find fuel savings.Free Fuel Audit CTA

They were purchasing fuel over-the-road with a fuel card and had modest discounts, but Sokolis Group was able to negotiate even deeper ones.  In addition, Sokolis Group expanded the discounted network to include more convenient locations to minimize out-of-route fueling.

Sokolis Group also introduced a new weekly report to help direct drivers to the nearest discounted locations along their routes to help maximize savings. Furthermore, Sokolis Group evaluated fuel card control features, recommended changes to improve security, and now audits every transaction for pricing accuracy.

This client is now saving $400,000 a year with additional convenient fueling locations and a more tightly controlled fueling program.

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