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Fleet Fuel Fraud Can’t Happen To You? Are You Sure About That?

In fleet fueling there are many ways your employees can steal fuel from you. Most companies truly believe, it can’t happen to me. There theory is we have someone that spot checks that information sometimes. Our drivers make good money they would never risk losing their jobs. Why would anyone want to steal from us, we take care of our employees. When it comes to fleet fuel the fuel is liquid cash when it comes to stealing. Everyone would like

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Fleet Purchasing Policy

Most companies today if not all have credit cards. Most trucking companies need a way to pay for their fleet fuel. That’s not different than the rest of the fuel buying world, except it’s usually a lot more quantity. How a lot of them do this is by using a fleet fuel card. This is a good start to helping you buy and manage your fuel, but after that there are precautions you should take. I’d like to give you

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