Diesel Fuel Invoice Audits

Think about how much money your company spends on diesel fuel and how little it spends with diesel fuel invoice audits.

As a typical individual in any industry (or even on a personal level) you wouldn’t necessarily devote too much time in reviewing an invoice. Anything other than a quick glance or at most a 5-second once-over would be a fair assumption of the amount of due care that is exercised when dealing with invoices or any orders.

For the most part, yes, everything will completely check out. What if every “X” amount of diesel fuel invoices the provider of products/services either intentionally or unintentionally doctored an invoice to their benefit?

How easily would this be detected?

Recently, in diesel fuel auditing invoices for a client, it had been noticed that all of the information had checked out with the one exception of a simple (mis)calculation of the freight rate. The figures on the actual invoice did not add up to the amount that the client was being billed (quantity X freight rate). Through a quick spot-check, this had been noticed and the provider was questioned if it was an error or if an explanation could have been given for the extra charge.

The total amount being overcharged was less than $50, but if this was to go undetected then there’s no telling how long or how often it’s occurred.

A quick, yet thorough spot-checking of invoices (business or personal) is encouraged to regularly practice ensuring the validity of charges.

Follow the simple steps below to achieve peace of mind for all orders:

  1. Verify the Quantities, then the Cost Per Piece on the invoice
  2. Check the calculation of the Total (Quantity x Cost Per Piece)
  3. Review the Fees and/or Taxes (along with the calculation of the Fees and/or Taxes)

Three simple steps could end up saving you or your company money. This is only one brief glimpse of the many services that Sokolis Group fuel management conducts for our clients. Please feel free to contact Sokolis Group with any questions or to request additional information about our services at www.sokolisgroup.com or 267-482-6155.