Diesel Fuel Prices Go Down, But Don’t Get Hopes Up

Yes, the DOE national weekly average for diesel fuel prices went down for the first time since November 2011. But don’t get too excited about your fuel management budget because they only went down $.001. That combined with a continued increase in gas prices does not look good for your tanks. Certainly your fleet fueling program will continue to feel pressure.

Where is the fueling market going to go from here? Higher! Yes, I said higher. This week when your drivers swipe their fuel cards at the truck stop, diesel fuel prices will be up, although not by much. Long term, I think we are close to the peak on the diesel side, but don’t let out a big sigh of relief just yet.

As for your fleet cards, they will still be hurting with high gas prices due to increased demand and the upcoming almighty summer driving season. Even that won’t crush your fuel card purchases too badly. Americans tend to stop buying gas at $4.00 per gallon, so I don’t expect it to get to that point everywhere, only in those states with high fuel taxes. I speculate a peak at $3.85 a gallon in most places.

What is your fleet fueling strategy now? If you’ve planned ahead and have a fuel management program in place, then good for you. However, if you’re feeling the pain of high fuel prices and still uncertain what your next steps are, now is the time to revamp. Let our fleet fuel experts provide a comprehensive analysis and set you up with solutions for success. Don’t settle for reaction — take action. Make the call 267-482-6155.