Does Your Fuel Card Deserve Your Loyalty?

Does Your Fuel Card Deserve Your LoyaltyThere are loyal consumers that will only buy a Chevy, Ford, Mack, Freightliner or International. The loyalty usually comes from favorable experience, thus making them a vocal proponent of their product often boasting that fact with the donning of a hat or t-shirt with the manufactures logo on it. I can’t say I’ve seen a lot of fuel card companies’ hats or t-shirts being sported by their clients. Fuel cards aren’t cool. There’s nothing exciting about them. They’re a necessity for effective fleet fuel management. But, just like your favorite truck, there are differences from one fuel card to another. Each one is best suited for a particular situation based on how it will be utilized.

What we encounter more often than not are companies who have a fuel card that isn’t bringing the value it should. They are using the card because their leasing company sold them on it when they negotiated the lease, or a previous manager used the card so it must be good. Companies often use cards that manage the transaction and report it, but it may not deliver substantial discounts on fuel. You can have the best of both worlds; a card that applies your company purchase rules and gives you discounts that add up, not simple basis points rebated back at the end of a month. Why do you want someone to have your money for 45 days?

Change doesn’t always have to be difficult. Today, the fuel card providers have implementations and roll-out down to a science. Deciding what card works best for you might be the hardest part. Just as Sokolis Group Fuel Management can do a fuel analysis for you, we can also do a “Fuel Card Analysis” to help you determine what works best in your situation, what delivers the biggest value and how to maximize your fuel discounts.

There may be a one-card solution that can handle fuel, maintenance, T&E and get you discounts on fuel that add up, but you may not need all that functionality. Maybe you need a card that integrates with your company’s accounting system. What about acceptance? Maybe you need access to fuel on every corner. Maybe you don’t and you just need help understanding where the most cost effective places are to buy fuel.

We deal with every fuel card that’s out there and can say with 100% certainty, not all fuel cards deliver the value you deserve. If you would like to be sure your fuel card program is the best fit for your situation, please contact Sokolis Group Fuel Management for a no cost, no obligation, unbiased review of your fuel card program.