Fuel Compliance, Saves $50,000 A Month In Fleet Fueling Costs

Horizon Services a leading national home service provider with a fleet of 300 vehicles was having issues with drivers over idling.

They have a GPS monitoring system is all of their vehicles and they were able to get reports on what their vehicles were doing in the field. They could monitor:

  • Idle time per stop
  • Excessive speed
  • Hard braking

The problem why Horizon couldn’t control some of these issues on their own was an excessive amount of data and no one on staff that trained to monitor, review and analyze.

Think about the mass amount of data that can accumulate over a day, when you have 300 vehicles on the road making 8 scheduled service calls.

We helped take the monitoring of this information by consolidating the reporting. Focus on the main critical component that Horizon want fixed first which was to cut down idle time.

Through creating several formulas within our data base system we were able to provide the managers with simple easy to read exception reports.

After 3 months, Horizon was able to cut their idling time by 20%, which amounted into a fuel savings of approximately $50,000 per month. Additionally, without having the vehicles idling an extra 2 hours per day. They have been able to:

  • Reduce their maintenance costs on repairs
  • Lower their carbon footprint
  • Improve driver productively

The goals of continuing to reduce idle time more move forward, as we engage at reviewing excessive speed and hard braking. We work for you. Check!

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