The Tweleve Days of Sokolis Group Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Ten fuel managers in need,
Nine alternative fuel products,
Eight fuel buying buyers
Seven fleet fuel auditors
Six fuel dispensing islands,
Five fuel consulting experts,
Four mobile fleet fueling companies,
Three Fuel planning programs,
Two fleet fueling cards,
And a fuel management company for me

Fuel Manager-a person working through a fleet management system that puts together fleet fueling programs for their companies.

Alternative fuel productsalternative fuel, renewable fuel, bio fuel, bio diesel fuel, ethanol are all examples of these types of alternative fleet fuel products. These alternative fleet fuel products help take the strain off of the dependence on crude oil. Alternative fuel burns cleaner and is usually renewable fuel from a source such as corn or grain. This fuel usage lowers fuel management client’s carbon footprint and carbon offsetting

Fuel Buying buyers-skilled people that understand the fleet fuel market. They are able to guide fuel management clients in fuel buying so the fleet fuel client’s rates are low and fuel delivery service is outstanding.

Fleet Fuel Auditors-are specially trained individuals with specialized fuel data to monitor, review, audit, and inspect fleet fuel transactions. The training of these people takes thousands of fleet fueling transactions to review before they start to understand the fuel data.

Fuel dispensing islands-this is a location at a fuel management client’s location and/or truck stop and/or card lock fuel location that a fleet fueling card is usually used to activate the fueling pump. This allows fuel dispensing to take place into a fleets operation. Most fuel dispensing islands are hooked up to bulk fuel tanks that have fuel inventory monitoring systems to ensure safe environmental operations.

Fuel Consulting experts– people that have spent years in the fleet fuel industry and understand how to provide fuel management clients with maximized value. A fuel consulting expert knows all of the ins and outs of fleet fueling cards, fleet fuel discounts, fleet fuel auditing, fuel rebates, federal & state fleet fuel taxes to name a few.

Mobile Fleet Fueling companiesfleet fuel companies that go to the fuel management client’s location with their fuel truck during off hours. This type of fleet fuel service is best for a company with fleet management issues such as labor rates or labor time to fleet fuel at a fuel island. Mobile fleet fueling will save fuel management clients money in their labor expense.

Fleet Fuel Planning programs– a fleet fuel plan is a strategic plan for a fuel management client to meet his fleet management goals of lowering fleet fueling costs, staying under the fuel budget, improving fleet fuel audits to lower overcharges and fraud, increase fleet fuel knowledge through outsourced fuel management programs.

Fleet Fueling cards– a fleet fueling card is a plastic fuel card used to purchase gas and diesel fuel. It has controls in place within the fleet fueling card to protect the fuel management client from fraud and abuse. The fleet fuel cards also provide fleet management with fleet fuel information such as miles per gallon, fleet fuel usage, number of times a fleet fuels in a day, etc.

Fuel Management-when your fleet fuel program is actively managed by fleet fueling experts to achieve lower fuel costs for your gas and diesel fuel purchases. This increased visibility to your fleet fueling program on your fleet fuel cards, bulk fuel deliveries, mobile fleet fueling and fuel inventory is reviewed and audited daily providing you with up to date fleet fuel data.

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